Script for handeling incoming calls

Hello guys hows everyone doing at REI… I was just wondering if anyone could help me out and hook me up with a script, or give me some tips on what to say once my phone starts ringing from my marketing efforts. I recently put some bandit signs out in my desired farm area and im just a little nervous on how i will screen out my potential leads from motivated and non motivated. Thanx in advance guys… ive really appreciated all the great information ive already soaked up from the site!!

As far as the script, find something that you feel comfortable with.
This is something I just typed up, so tailor it to your needs, make it your own.

Good Luck

Thank you for calling.

My name is xxxxxx and I am in investor looking to purchase property in the area.
So your interested in selling your property? [They’ll say yes of course, thats why they called you]

Why do you want to sell?
[Cant afford, foreclosure, blah blah blah]

Now you should go into the benefits of homeowner selling the house directly to you [Fast, Cash, No Fees]

Well, let me ask you a few questions to see if your home qualifies for me to purchase.

If there still interested, you should ask the following questions. (Depending on the homeowners situation, make sure you know your MARKET)
If How many months are you behind on your loan payments? 
How much do you owe in loan payments, late charges, penalties, and legal fees?
Type of loan?
Is the loan assumable?
Unpaid principal loan balance $
Are there any liens or judgments against the property? ( ) Yes ( ) No
For how much? $
Do you have a recent written property appraisal?  ( ) Yes ( ) No
How much did your property appraise for? $
Have you tried selling your property?  ( ) Yes ( ) No
How long has your property been for sale? 
Have you had any written offers yet? ( ) Yes ( ) No 
If yes, for how much? $
When is your property’s scheduled foreclosure sale date?


Below is the script I use. I buy sub2, so it’s tailored to prescreening motivated sellers in a non-threatening way. Of course, they leave their information after they’ve listened to a free report about why they should sell their house to us. If you’d like, I’ll include that as well…

Phone (day):
Phone (evening):
E-mail address:
Property address:
City State Zip
How did you hear about us?
Asking price:
Estimated value:
1st mortgage balance:
1st mortgage lender:
1st mortgage int. rate: Payment: PI or PITI
2nd mortgage balance:
2nd mortgage lender:
2nd mortgage int. rate: Payment:
Are the payments current? (Y/N)
If no, how much behind? (In $)
Reason for sale?
How did you arrive at your price?
Is the house listed? (Y/N)
Does the house need repairs?
If yes, how much? (In $)
When do you want to move?

Big Cheese

Hi Steve,
I like your questionaire. I would be interested in getting a hold of the free report you leave on your voice mail.

Big Cheese, I would like a copy of the report also.


No problem. Sorry about the length. I adapted it from another guru, but it works for me! It’s done up like an interview. One man, one woman. It doesn’t matter who takes which role.

Mary: At any time during this message you may dial “0” to be connected to a live operator, 24 hours a day. The purpose of this message is to give you information on how you can quickly sell your house and answer the most frequently asked questions regarding selling your house.

Mary: How can I quickly sell my house?

Bob: If you need to sell your house in a hurry we have the cash available right now to buy your house. The reason we can do this is because we work with private investors with private funds. We don’t use banks because the process just takes too long. We don’t have to go through the loan approval process to wait for some committee to give us the green light.

Mary: How long will it take you to buy my house?

Bob: We can buy your house within 3 days if necessary. We schedule a closing according to your needs or timeframe; meaning that we can buy your house very fast, or we can extend it to 1, 2, 3, or 5 months, whatever you need is what we will try to accomplish. We specialize in working with people just like you who need a no hassle friendly transaction, need a quick and flexible sale, need a fair price, or even need to be rid of a problem.

Mary: What exactly is the process?

Bob: Basically, you will need to call our FREE information line available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Follow the instructions to speak with a live operator to give us some information about your house. We need to know the property address, any loans balances on the property, if there are any liens or judgments, if you are behind on payments and if so how much. Also, the overall condition of the property or any other pertinent information regarding the house or the financing. Once we have this information we will research the property to determine the fair market price. We will also need to determine what we will do with the property once we own it, which will help us establish our offers to you.

Mary: Is it true that there are no fees, no commissions and no obligations?

Bob: That’s right, we like to tell people, don’t list your house, sell your house. Following the traditional listing process it can take months to market, sell, and close on your house when you might want to move now. We recommend you call us first because we can save you the headache of continuing to make payments or dealing with it yourself because we can buy your house so quickly. There are no fees, commissions, or any obligations by seeing what we have to offer. We also keep all of your information strictly confidential.

Mary: Why do people sell you their house?

Bob: People sell their house for many different reasons. They may be moving to a larger home or downsizing to a smaller one. Or maybe they’re just taking advantage of a job opportunity and must move. There are also reasons like divorce, job loss, getting behind on payments, health problems, or just tired of being a landlord. We also specialize in helping people stop foreclosure so they can save their credit giving them the ability to buy another house in the future.

Mary: Does my property have to be in excellent condition for you to buy it?

Bob: No it doesn’t. We prefer to buy pretty houses that people can move into, but we will also buy them in any condition or any situation.

Mary: Does my house have to be a certain size for you to be interested?

Bob: No, we have bought properties as small as a 1 bedroom condominium up to 5,000 sq ft estate homes. So the size of your house really doesn’t matter.

Mary: What if the seller has little or no equity in the house? Can you still help them?

Bob: Yes, we can. Very often we get calls from sellers who basically owe close to what the property is worth. Many times we can still buy their home. It really just depends on the situation.

So whatever reason you have for selling your house, just enter “0” at the end of this message to speak to a live operator. Remember there is no obligation or commissions and we will take care of coordinating the closing and all the paperwork. You have nothing to lose.

Mary: Thank you for calling and have a great day! Press “0” now to speak with a live operator.

Big Cheese
ps-You can also use this as your FAQ on your website.

THANX… very helpful!

Steve Raiken

Thanks so much for the script.

It was absolutely my pleasure.

Big Cheese