Script For Calling Abandoned House Owner?

Hi folks,

I’ve found a possible deal in my area that is an abandoned property. I have located the owners phone number but since I am bird-dogging for another investor and will be working with him on the deal, I’m not sure what to say to the owner.

Should I even bother calling? Or should I just pass the information along to my investor with more knowledge and experience?

My partner/investor said he would either pay me for deals brought to him or would be willing to work out partnerships for deals as well.

So, I’m not sure which way to go with this.

If I need to call her…Please advice what I should say?

Do I just introduce myself as an investor and see if she might be interested in selling her property that’s been abandoned?



Just do it.

You are going to be upset if you sit on this trying to find the perfect method and then a nice guy walks in and just makes the phone call and gets the place.

Be honest. It does come across. Let the owner know the situation. Explain to them how it is a win/win (with facts).

If you are sincere, it will come across. Good luck.


Thanks Bob…I am working with a seasoned investor and have forwarded the info on to him. Depending on his efforts I may or may not be calling this person.

Thanks again,


Just do it.

These are the best three letters anyone could ever say in regards to REI.

What one needs to realize is like everything else calling sellers takes practice. And in order to get good at it, you’ll need to talk to a lot of sellers. Very few - VERY FEW - people can talk to a seller the first time perfectly. Just understand what it is you need to know and let the owner talk about his situation. Empathy is your best friend - put yourself in his/her shoes. Each situation will be different so you can’t expect to have a Step1, Step2, Step3 script available.

Just do it.

the issue is either they are going to be interested to talk to you or (more likely) they are not. what you say is not likely to change that outcome.