Scouts Working With Real Estate Agents

I know Wholesalers and Real Estate Agents work together. Can Scouts (bird-doggers) and Agents work together? If so, why would and Investor use the services of a Scout when he can work with the Agent?

I found a FSBO and the owner is using an Agent to help sell his property. Is it a waste of time or should I pursue?

When I become a Wholesaler, I do plan to use Agents. While I’m a Scout, should I use them? Thanks in advance for your response!

Real Agents want to retail. Flippers and B/DGS. Do mostly whole sale; Buy low sale high. The profit is when you buy the property. The price you sell it for will be determand by the market. (JOE)

I am a bird dog and have found that working with an agent is great. The reason i find the properties for the investor is because i am solely devoted to this task whereas the agent has many clients and is too busy with closings and other real estate business to really dig for deals. The agent loves me because i bring him business. The investor pays me a finders fee and the agent gets his commission from the sellers selling price no harm to the investor if its already listed anyway. I tell the agent what i want to see and he sets the showings. We usually see four a day once a week and my investors usually buy one every two weeks.

Thank you. I’ll give them a try.

Hey, what state are you in? Also have you done any big deals(in the millions) like mobile home parks? I haven’t done one yet and was thinking about picking off a mobile home park and assigning to a builder or lender. Do you have any comments on this? I just had a park north of me w/ 100 spaces try to sell the land for $75,000 a lot (nice area), a builder caught wind of this and bought the park for 8 million. I am also in a booming area and see parks getting bought out right and left. All the utility’s are in the ground and the builders are making a killing dividing and selling. A lot of park owners don’t have a clue what kind of real estate they’re sitting on. Can I write up a park and assign it over like any other deal? This would make for a nice birddog fee. All comments are welcome.