Scott Scheel Teleseminar

FWIW, I just took the time to download and listen to Scott’s preso to the REIClub group. Finally, someone who actually presented useful info instead of just trying to sell their books and tapes. Since I bought my first commercial property in 1957 (Why do you think I refer to myself as “OldGuy?”), I think I know a little something about which I write and Scott gave a great deal of useful info. I strongly recommend that you newbies in particular take the time to listen to this preso. Scott tells it like it is.

FYI, the fellow that started all this is Bill Nickerson, and I had the distinct pleasure of knowing him personally back in the late 50s and early 60s. Bill wrote THE book and everything you see today stems from his disclosures. I mention this because I believe in giving credit where credit is due. We all owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to Nickerson for creating the real estate investment world we enjoy today.

i listened to scott’s presentation and found it to be very organized & informative . well worth the time spent on it.

Where is the link to listen?
Thanks at the top of the page is a click here for teleseminar
button, when it opens there is usually a link for scott scheel download it’s an mp3 80 or 90 minutes. do the download asap before they take it down.

I only see “Register Now For Our Next Free Teleseminar!” at the top, when I click that I get a Larry Goins seminar link. Am I looking in the wrong place or did I miss it?

it must have been taken down down. i dont see it either. sorry.