SCHOOL CONVERSION, I’m looking for ideas on converting what used to be a public school into something new, a second life. Here in Michigan the student population is declining and cities are closing/selling schools. BIG School buildings are available, the prices are right, but what do you do with them. ANY (FOR PROFIT) IDEAS???

An investor from where I grew up turned an old elementary school into an apartment building. Don’t know how hard it was to plumb it for that, but think about the layout…you’ve got hallways with rooms on each side that could be split up into different units.

There was an old school in St Pete Fl that has been converted into condos. Very nice - built in the 20’s with the old wooden floors and thick concrete walls.

In today’s economics, I think “luxury apartments or condos” would be a problem. In my area are a lot of mini-mansions that that were build during the boom. They are now sitting empty or sold below purchase/fixup cost.

If there is a way to make an housing option so people can afford it,
that would work.

Also any way to combine residential and retail/commercial would be interesting.
A lot of people are working from home these days.

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