Scared away....literally!

I know it is close to Halloween, but this is downright spooky.

Yesterday we looked at a bank owned house as a potential rehab. I began taking pictures inside, and after one photo, the camera battery indicator blinked and the camera shut down. Darn, I thought, those batteries were almost new, and now I can’t get any more photos. I put the camera away and finished looking at the house. The realtor told us the former owner was an artist , which was rather obvious as he had painted every room in the house in a decorative motif. We joked around and called it the Addams Family house after we had left, but it did have potential.

Well, today I checked the camera and the battery was fine. I downloaded the one picture I had taken, and found some strange objects. You can see the pic at:

I have taken thousands of pictures on this camera, and never have seen anything like the spots in this photo. Has anyone had experience in removing poltergeists? ::slight_smile:

Sounds silly but we are now thinking twice about making an offer!


Pretty scary stuff…


Hello, It looks more like the lens is dirty to me.

Go to, they have pictures of haunted houses and they have the same!

Under other conditions consider using:

Sale contingent upon successful completion of exorcism.

I’d say to wipe the lens next time.

What’s scary to me is the fact that a realtor would make up a story about the owner being an artist to explain the horrible color scheme in the house.

Happy Halloween!

That paint scheme makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up!

If I were a ghost I wouldn’t get caught dead in a place like that…or would I? :grim:

Shouldn’t a haunting legally be required to be disclosed to a potential buyer?

Also, have you checked the title for an “inter-dimensional easement” to see if the undead have a right to cross the property?

Of course you know the only way to solve this is to spend 1 night in the house to see what happens. Pick one where there’s an electrical storm predicted to add some spice. Maybe you’ll even lose power. And don’t forget to bring a Ouji board.

As in grizzly bear country, bring along a friend who runs slower than you!

Good Luck,


I was just thinking…If you could find a way to get some rent from those “inhabiting” the house and find a renter that is not bothered by the “inhabitants” you could make a good Return on Investment!


I agree with what others have said. I woudln’t worry about being haunted by water spots.

An update…concerning the camera shutting off, it did this again while I was shooting ebay pictures, so nothing supernatural there.

I did some research on the blobs of light in the picture. Seems like this phenomenon occurs when small specks of dust hover about 4" in front of the camera when the flash goes off. Since this is a house that has been vacant for 4 years, dust is a high probability!

Don’t know if we’ll make an offer on this one though. The bank is asking 119,900, ARV would be 159,900, and it needs work on practically everything in the house. We estimated 57,000 minimum repairs.

The conventional ‘wisdom’ here would tell you to offer about $72K or (159,900 - 57,000) X 70%


This makes me curious…does anyone know of cases where a contract was able to be voided because of “haunting” that was found later? Even here in the conservative midwest, there are many stories of haunted houses that “upstanding folks in the community” accept as true. But then again…there is also a large catholic contingent that believes in exorcisms instead of mental health professionals…