Scam or not

I am tryin to get my feet wet in this investing thing and came across a web site “foreclosureworld” that boasts a constant foreclosure listing and support and the fee is $368 for a lifetime membership. Has anyone heard of them and if so what do you think

Who’s lifetime? When possible, make them charge your card monthly rather than annually. “Lifetime” doesn’t have much meaning if a company closes it’s doors 3 weeks after they charge $368 to your card. If things do work out, post it for others benefit.

I paid the fee several years ago. I would not do it again. I did find a few deals there but they are also found other ways too and probably better and faster. Several were on MLS too and a lot are Huds.

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While I’m not familiar with this service, I can say that by the time you get the email, and astute investor has already put the property under contract.

This isn’t an award winning approach. Learn how to find the deals before anyone else. Joe Kaiser is a master at that preforeclosure stuff, btw.

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There is a link from John T. Reed’s website you should read before deciding to spend $ on foreclosureworld.


I have read everything on this site and spoken to several people about it. I dont know where you live but if foreclosures are a civil matter where you are you can go to the courthouse and find all the listings there. If you dont have the time there are people that you can pay a much smaller amount to and they will always give you the most up to date info and there will be no HUD’s.