Scam artist gurus

I would like to hear form anyone that can tell me from a personal standpoint whether or not John Alexander’s course is a scam or if it has worked for you personally. :anon

Have you tried his course. What is it all about? :bobble

It is about inverse purchases on properties. I found several conplaints filed on John Alexander for bogus charges but nothing stating that the system does not work or is illegal.

:cool yes this is true any time something works / helps the little man get something >>>> SOMEONE is going to say it is a scam and illegal

BUT really all you are doignis flipping real estate when you get right down to it >>> and flipping them to problem credit people

Its just that several people have stated that they have been sued behind this same course. How can you speak so highly about something you haven’t tried yourself, or have you?

:cool i have not tryed his program >>> how ever i have beenin on some of his calls to members as well have looked into it as you have

as i run a program that is all most just like his and have for over 12 years now and have never been sued or had any charges put on me fact or not !! IF you stay in the bounds of the law and then just abit bend do not break you are fine but it would seam some of his people have crosed the line