satellite dishes

If a tenant moves out and leaves a satellite dish behind, has anyone here ever tried to sell one? Or are they just trash?

I don’t think that they are any good without the receiver.

I think they are made out of aluminum, so they have scrap value.

I’ve never used satellite, but I think they insist on giving you a new dish each time, so it doesn’t seem to work to rent the property out as satellite ready.

It would be nice if the new tenant could simply place a phone call and say “It’s all wired, just turn it on.”

Well, I figured maybe someone has a Direct TV dish out there that got hail damaged, knocked down or who knows? That could make it worth a $20 bill. LOL!


 I always leave the satelite dish in place as if it requires replacement the tech can put the mounting bolts (Screws) back in the same hole rather than end up with upwards of 90 holes around your roof between reroofs! It just kind of makes sense to me!


That is actually why I ban tenants from walking on roofs, as well as installing anything on the roofs. All satellite dishes in my rentals are supposed to be installed on a wooden fence pole in the back, on a storage unit building in the back if applicable or on a pole in the yard - no exceptions.

I do not allow them to install it on the structure at all.

Which only works if the satellite company will follow the rules, which they don’t.

Even if the tenant tells them “not on the roof” (good luck with that), the installer says, “it’s the only place to get a signal” and the tenant then says “OK”.

Try filing a complaint with the dish company and see how far that gets you.

I wish landlords would start suing them every time they damage a roof and maybe they’d be more careful. That is, if you can find them. Good luck with that, too.