Sandwich Lease Option

I know this is a very “risky” route to take…but what is the best way to protect myself when doing a sandwich lease option?


It’s silly that lease options are talked about as being risky on a lease option forum :slight_smile:

Simply recording your contract is all the protection you need 99.9% of the time. Or you can save time, money, and eliminate all the risk by doing cooperative assignments with a proper release of liability.

Your premise is wrong from the outset. All forms of investing are risky. Speculating on pork bellies are risky. Putting your money in the stock market is risky. Buying government backed bonds when the government is on the verge of economic collapse is risky.
I don’t know what extent of risk you are referring to with a sandwich lease, but if you do the deal correctly, the risk is minimal. Be sure your agreements are solid and you’ll be fine.