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Hi Everyone!!!I’m magicman and I am reallly getting addicted to this forum and started reading from posts all the way back to it started back year 2002 and reading forward to current, it may take awhile but it seems alot of questions from newbies like myself ask simlimar questions and this is good for me !I have read alot on the guru hoo hoo voodoo but i think I’m learning quicker on the real deal investment question s asked and answered. My question is i really Like to start off doing sandwich leases not from foreclosures but people in need of solutions, I 'm a beer salesman now and have a great skill with selling in promo’s and whatever with complete strangers , but what I have learned with the guru voodoo is that I don’t know if I have learned about lease options to late or are they still the hot little niche they say it is ! I know there is alot that don’t think highly of the sandwich lease but from what i have learned if you find a motivated seller and structure the deal right it can be a win win for everybody, I’m going to start investing alot the next three months as soon as my office is finished and won’t be distracted by my three year old like I am now just wanting to know if I’m up to date on going through with lease/option/purchases. Thanks for any responses if your still awake after reading this one very slow typing post! MAGIC :beer :

There will always be negativity towards what ever investing strategy you want to use. Ignore it. The world is full of nay-sayers who like to tell you what you should do. If you want to pursue lease options, go for it. And by the way, no need to limit yourself to sandwich leases. There are all sorts of other types of deals you can do under the lease option umbrella.
Good luck! :cool

If you’re in the US then this is probably one of the best times you could possibly choose to get into the L/O niche. Buyers can’t get financing (so they need the lease/option solution) and since buyers can’t get financing, sellers can’t sell (so they need the lease/option solution too.)

If you’re in Canada things are a little different. The market hasn’t collapsed (yet) and financing is still a bit too freely available. But there are still plenty of buyers and sellers who need or want to do a lease/option and either don’t know how or don’t know where to find them.

Thanks you all" that is all I needed to know i really have been learning alot of creative techniques and really didn’t know if they were out of date or not but I must be learning good stuff right ? you can’t learn to much and be penalized, just when you don’t have the knowledge is were you can be dinged!!!Thanks again magic! :beer :beer

I’ve had excellent success doing lease options personally. I guess anyone who hasn’t done them, would say negative things about them. I’m living proof that they work! My favorite real estate investing technique is using lease options. I also work with a guy that’s a top-notch lease option investor at his website, so there’s plenty of people doing it successfully.

I hope this helps to encourage you a little!

Jeff Allen

You’re right about getting dinged for not having the knowledge. This forum is an excellent source of knowledge, as well as all of the other resources on the Internet. Most of my knowledge has come by taking action. They say necessity is the mother of invention, when you actually start investing things will come up that you never thought would be an issue. When these things pop up, you need to be resourceful enough to find the solutions to whatever challenges you encounter. This forum is a great resource for that.