Sandwich L/ this reasonable?

I was dealing with an investor on possibly working out a sandwich lease. She seemed OK at first, but the more we talked, the more complicated it all got. I was ready to start advertising. She said to hold off, because I had all kinds of paperwork to fill out (independent contractor, tenant application, background and credit check that I pay for, etc.). In the meantime, she still continues to advertise it herself. That part was OK, since I wasn’t going to pay the option price unless I found someone first.

Just wondering if this is normal or if she was overdoing it. I just felt a sense of a real control freak, and figured it wouldn’t work out in the long run, so told her I was no longer interested. I don’t have time to run around for no reason.

Why didn’t you just tell her that you would be more than happy to fill out all of her necessary forms AFTER you found a suitable tenant buyer?

Pam, you allowed this other investor to take control of the deal. Sounds like she was calling the shots. Either you have a deal, or you don’t. Meaning you sign the papers and the homeowner is now out of the picture. And by the way, who’s paperwork were you going to be using? Make sure you have agreements that are favorable to you.