sand blasting brick?

How feasable is it to sand blast brick that is painted. The home I am looking at is a two story flat top victorian style home 1600 sq ft. Needs a lot of tuckpointing also. How much would something like that cost?

I’m no expert, but a bricklayer told me that sandblasting brick can damage the glaze. He recommended just repainting the brick.

Thanks for the info. That might be the best option

I have a rowhome in baltimore that was sandblasted and the brick looks good (for a 100 yr old house). i heard you can use acid wash also to get the paint off…

i can send you pics if you want.



I would love to see the pics. thanks for the info

I would also like to see the picks as I am currently facing the same issue.

We had the same problem, PLUS the prev owner had smeared a layer of mortar over the brick prior to painting. I guess an attempt to “texture” the wall and hide the fact that it was brick.

A Home Depot high-pressure washer (2,500 psi) with zero degree tip took it off. some pitting in the heavily mortared areas, but we sealed that with brick/concrete sealer. doesn’t look as good as the natural brick, but much better than painted.

good luck.

A friend of mine has an 1800 psi washer. Will this be adequate and would you still recommend the 0 degree tip just for paint? Also am still concerned about removing the glazing.

if you have it sand-blasted, what kind of prices are you looking at per square foot(compared to cleaning the walls and painting), are there any garantee issues?

Brick is usually damaged by sandblasting. Brick which has a soft core and a harder crust is common on older houses. Sandblasting removes the outer crust and makes the brick more prone to deterioration. Chemical cleaning is an alternative to sandblasting which, although more costly, is less likely to damage the brick.