San Antonio, Tx or Austin, TX

I am planning on investing in rehabbing SFH’s in either San Antonio, Tx or Austin, Tx. Does anyone have an idea of which would have a better market for this type of investment? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

San Antonio!!! IMO
Send me an email and I’ll shoot over some articles that may help you decide.

Or, just surf
check some of the back issues

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Thank you for the info! :smiley:

San Antonio is projected to be the number one city in terms of housing growth over the next two years.

Christopher w,
Where are you located and how did you find that projection (where)?
I know what’s going on around me (which includes San Antonio), but I sometimes have a hard time making my investors understand. Do you have more info than I’ve already put out??


The girls are much prettier in San Antonio…oh, yeah, the market’s hot too. South Texas is booming.

I don’t think pretty girls are going to suffice when it comes to talking about someone elses money :-\

Alot of peoples “ex’s live in Texas” :smiley:

But you’re right about the South Texas Booming part ;D

For rehabs, San Antonio is less expensive for acquisition. There’s also more older homes than in Austin. I think San Antonio is one of the oldest cities in Texas, so there will be more properties available.

We have a fair amount of rehabs here, but it’s tough because the price is higher and competition is fierce. San Antonio is a very large city and has ample opportunity.

I love Austin, but that’s the truth. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all of the great information. I have been living in Kerrville which is about 45 minutes NW of San Antonio, and have been wanting to move to either SA or Austin for some time now. Sounds like I should move to SA! Now I just need to find a job there so I can move. Any more comments would be appreciated. Thanks for everything, you all are great. ;D

kerrville is a cool little city. my sons go to camp lajunta.

Ya, it is a pretty place. There are a bunch of summer camps here. But, its a retirement community and I am 24 years old. I would like to live here when I get older, but there are not many Investment Properties in Kerrville. The ones that do pop up are eaten up by all of the real estate agents before I could get my hands on them. ;D

Killeen seems to be doing pretty well for rehabbers. It’s further north, but you may think about. By the way, SAREI meets this Tuesday. Maybe you can make some connections and ask the attendees for more info in person.

I’ll be in town for a real estate conference, so will try to be there.