San Antonio Real Estate Attorney

Can someone tell me how to find a good real estate attorney in the San Antonio area?

What is it you need?

I have family in the area that just purchased a home and is having issues with disclosures and quotes for repairs offered by the sellers and the selling agent.

Sorry. I don’t know anyone that works in that area.

sorry to say…but that was a little funny BLL…

I know couple, but I am not clear what is it exactly you are looking for. You want to sue the seller for not disclosing, or you want someone to review the disclosures?

They want to go after the seller for not disclosing problems.

Call West & West, they might take the case.

I guess they are in the book???

Do you have any experience with them?

I am sure that many of us have been in an attorney’s office without a reference. It’s a little worse than buying a used car from a small lot downtown. And you feel like you need a shower afterward.

Frankly, even though I am in the “legal” business, I have a very low opinion of those in the business.

In my day job, I enforce judgments. I have several judgments against practicing and disbarred attorneys or their spouses. I guess it has made me jaded.

However, I am SURE that there is an HONEST attorney somewhere in San Antonio. If someone has some experience with such an attorney, please forward that information.

West and West work a lot with investors, they do sub2 closings,…etc and many title companies use them such as LandAmerica. They are in the book.

The main issue with them is getting intial contact going because they are always busy. I am also not sure if they will do what you want, so you need to call and check.

Hmmm. The sellers last name was West. :shocked