san Antonio "notice of default" posing location?

I know where to find the notice of sale listings on the bexar county website, but was wondering what newspaper or journal lists the notice of defaults?


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The notice of sale is the only notice we get in Texas. It’s posted 21 days before the sale. No other notice is given.

Gotta be quick in Texas. :F

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Like Stacy there are no other postings including newspapers. You may buy a listing either online or mailed to you each month. This link may help find a sourcr for you:

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I’ve not seen a legal rag that posts notices around the Austin or San Antonio area.

I know Gregg Stanley is by you and puts out a list. His info is at the link Ted provided.

Also, if you spend some time at the courthouse, you’ll begin to see some familiar faces as quite a few folks do research for a living. You could hook up with one of them and get them to get you the info prior to the “list” coming out. Alternatively, you can go get the info yourself.

I’ve tried on several occasions to have other folks compile the list, do mailings, and other pieces of the puzzle, but I haven’t found anyone who would stick with it longer than a few months.