Sample Operating Agreement??

I see a lot of messages about a “proper” and “Well formed” operating agreement. Does anyone have any examples?

An attorney who successfully attacks or defends LLCs can tell you the kind of language that actually works in your state’s courts for different situations.

Finding an attorney with this knowledge is easier said then done. I have met with 2 in Southwest Ohio and they were not very knowledgeable (waste of my time and money). They were “estate planning” and “elder law” specialists. I have not seen any attorney who advertises “asset protection” specialist. Maybe I’m looking for the wrong specialty.

You are correct. It is very hard to find competent attorneys and most asset protection experts are either crooks (e. g. Troy Titus) or attorneys trying to make quick money selling LLCs. The less they charge, the more inexperienced/incompetent.

Try looking at creditor/debtor attorneys with bankruptcy experience. Ask how much time they spend attacking or defending LLCs and other entities in court. If they aren’t in court, they are of no use to you. Nothing in the law is certain until the judge rules and it is just theory until that point.