Sample Marketing Letters

Does anyone know where one might be able to check a sample marketing post card and letter.

Thanks in advance

There are lots of marketing samples around but in order to get better answers to your question, you probably want to specify what you are looking to buy and from whom…

Samples are only as good as the market that you intend to target…make sense?


i am looking for a solid yellow letter, if anyone can provide something that would be great.

This is what I currently have for expireds, and also to houses I mail to that appear vacant/neglected

Insert either line first:

  1. I was in your neighborhood recently, and a neighbor said you may be interested in selling your property at __________________________.

  2. I noticed that you had your house listed and were unable to sell.

I am an investor, not a realtor. I am currently looking for properties to purchase in this area right now, and can can close in just a few weeks.
We can often structure the purchase so that you pay no realtor, no closing costs, and no repair costs, so you end up selling with no out of pocket costs.

Give me a call or email to discuss coming to take a look at your property. There is no cost and no obligation. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

There are several trains of thought on this…

I think I saw one by a guy named Steve that had a whole kit for sale somewhere…google it.

We built ours through testing.

POSTCARDS were horrible for us…almost put us out of business. I do not recommend.

Business style (threatening to the glance) worked the best.

Double window with a persons name…Garamond (legal) font worked best.

Yellow says marketing…Goldenrod looks like a telegram

Hope this helps,

Matt Gerchow
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