sample letters to send to vacant houses

I made this same post on another forum, but I’m curious as to some opinions on this site as well.

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hell all, would anyone be able to provide me with a sample letter that you might send to a vacant home with the intent to purchase?

Here is something I thought of, however after viewing other posts I’m sure there are many things you can point out that are wrong.

I imagine it would be handwritten on a piece of printer paper with no lines?

Dear Home Owner,

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this. My name is , I help provide solutions for people looking to purchase and sell homes. It is my understanding <23 ryanshome2be> has been vacant for some time. I would like to offer my services to purchase this home from you. Please call me direct at to discuss this is further detail. I look forward to speaking with you.


You’re heart’s in the right place, but I think you’d be better off just viewing the listed, vacant properties and going straight to a formal offer to purchase.
My husband and I sent out letters in 2004 to the owners of several apartment buidings in our area, and we received one response from an owner who offered to sell for a ridiculously high price. We responded with a simple thanks, but no thanks.
Are you the new Realtor? If so, remember that you’re not allowed to contact sellers of listings that aren’t your broker’s. At least, that’s the law in Minnesota. Ensure you know your state’s law on that before you proceed to solicit home sales - especially if they are listed.

yes i am the new realtor ;]

i’ll have to double check that here in NJ, that’s the first time I’m hearing something like that. I know the broker I work for encourages agents to go to FSBO’s and inform the sellers of the benefits they get when using an agent.

a little more detail on the above topic listed. the house is vacant because the homeowner died. the children now own and i wanted to contact them for a possible sale.

The broker that my Realtor works for pays a “bounty” for every FSBO that one of his agents lists…they get like $100 or so extra for listing the property and bringing the FSBO sign into the office…they have a big display in one corner of all of the FSBO signs from properties they’ve listed.


Hi! I was referring to homes listed for sale by licensed agents/brokers. FSBOs are open game!


…so vacant (non-listed) houses should be open game as well right?

I just got my last rehab that way. Except I didn’t use a letter. I went to clerks office, searched the address, got the owners current address, found his number and called him up.

I said “Sir, I hate to see a property with no curtains in the windows. It means someone isn’t making a profit. What can we do to remedy this?”

We met that day I made an offer and we closed two weeks later.

It was perfect. Face to face is good.

I did the same thing. I found a duplex that was abandoned located the owner’s address who lives out of town. found reverse looked up his phone number and simply asked him if he had considered selling his property at xyz. he said yes so i made him an offer he took it and we opened a two week escrow that should close in the next four days.