Sample Direct Mail letter

I would like to put together a direct mail campaign to generate some leads. Would anyone care to share their letters, so I can get a better idea of what to include in my own. I plan on mailing them to absentee owners, bankruptcy, and divorce leads(and a few others).
Thank you so much!

Hi New, :smiley:
You need to ask yourself who is your target market?
What do I want my Direct Mail letter to do for me?
How many do I want to send out? How often am I going to mail out to the same group of people. I have been using direct mail for over 20 years. It works! When used right.
I use newsletters, post cards, thank you notes, photo business cards, as well as letters online and off. I market ME, not a real estate company, although my company name is on everything, as well as a e-mail, and web site address. I have a phone number that never changes, nor does my e-mail or web address. If I was to change companies, everything except company name stays the same. Referrals build are businesses, ask for them. The small things do count.
I am around to answer my phone live when the ads run. I do the basic simple little things, we all know to do to build our business, but most don’t do.
I love the Real Estate business, but time is so precious to me that I evaluate every new tool or product by the amount of time it saves me, and if it helps me to do my business better and faster. Follow-up with clents is key to my business, and being a success.
I have a company do my newsletters for me, looks professional, and saves me time, and get my phone ringging. I use my own inserts, for different markets and areas I target.
You can find a a powerful series of Real Estate letters to build your business that are ready to go out and are perfect for regular mail or e-mail, newsletters, post cards ect. at
These letters have worked great for me, whether my prospects were renters, first-time buyers, sellers, or “just looking,” with my Real Estate letters I have been able to build name recognition and trust, and have been able to turn my prospects into clients and clients into friends. Building life time relationships, is the only way to build your business, and get referrals from others. Best Of Success,
Linda Scott, Realtor®

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Dear (Insert Customer Name),

I noticed in the public record of (Insert County Name) County, that a foreclosure action has been filed against your property at (Insert address) in (Insert city) and you may not be aware of this. If this is the case, I urge you to contact your lender, to clear this issue promptly. Your property is at risk.

Perhaps I can help; I am a serious real estate investor with experience in the foreclosure process, methods to protect your credit and ways to avoid foreclosure.

If I may be of service in this matter, it would be my pleasure to do so. You may contact me at (Insert Telephone number). I look forward to your reply.

I handle all the paperwork and pay all closing cost.

You get a quick response with no hassles, no pressure, and your worries will be behind you if we work together.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! You deserve a fresh start! We can keep the foreclosure off your credit records.

CALL ME TODAY to find out how I can help.


(Insert your name)
(Insert Telephone number)