same carpet throughout rehab?

How many of you change colors in regards to carpeting for the entire home. Do you put the same carpet throughout? Change it up?


Well, I am on my first but being a woman, I would do the same throughout. Who wants different color carpets in every room? I wouldn’t however like carpet in my hallways, or my family rooms. In those rooms I’d rather hardwood. Some would say hardwood throughout, but a lot of people like carpet under their feet in the bedroom. Anyway, my basic advice is, if using carpet throughout make it all the same.

That’s what I did for my last one and I didn’t get any objections and it turned out great. Just curious though. Always looking for opinions.


What were the varying colors, and do you think the buyers considered changing the carpet?

No the buyers did not think about changing the carpet. They liked it. There are a ton of colors, patterns, and most important pricing.


Well, if it works great, just seems weird to me, but then again we can’t always let our opinions be the basis for design decisions in this business.

I have always used the same carpet throughout the house…beige Berber. The tenants and the buyers have all given positive feedback.


I build spec houses in the $500k - $800K range as well as rehabs $190K - $500K and I always use the same carpet throughout. If a buyer wants to change it then I have them pay for it all up front. My poicy on ANY changes. So far no complaints on same carpet throughout.

Good Luck.

Excellent. I will continue to do so.