Hello Everyone,

I’m looking into hiring someone to do mailing campains for me. I have done them myself and I know it is a lot less expensive that way, but I’m loking for someone that can get me a better response and so I can spend more time working with homeowners.

I have spoke to a “salesman” at a company called Salesteamlive and he tells me that they get a 4-5% response on postcards to owner and non-owner occupied with equity. Has anyone ever heard of this company or used them?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Good Company…

Great company, in my area alot of investors use them.

SALESTEAMLIVE is the real deal. I’ve been with them for over 18 months and the quality of their leads is better than anything I’ve seen in this business. I tried doing direct mailings myself, hired an admin and spent a lot of time going to $3,000 marketing bootcamps and spent a fortune trying the so called ‘gurus’ postcards and letters only to realize that most of these gurus were full of it and never tested anything. SalesTeamLive does all the work. They are constantly testing new targeted lists and new postcard and letter copy. They’re the only company I’ve seen that can tell you the real response rates and back it up. They actually pick up the phone when you call them. They have 2 products that I think every serious investor who wants to close some deals should get… They have a postcard campaign that targets free and clear homeowners that consistently gets me a 4-5% response rate. They send out a 1,000 postcards for me, I get 40-50 seller calls and I pick up 2-3 houses. I spoke to one of their members Jean G. in Colorado who just close 2 deals from one seller from a second postcard they mailed for her in December. The second must have product they have is their Yellow Letter. I get over 10% response rate and sometimes as high as 20%+. BTW… I’ve tried everything. Realtor referrals, door knocking, telemarketing, bandit signs, TV, pay per click. This by far is the best for consistency and cost. The hidden gem with Salesteamlive is that they get the lists for you. I tried finding these lists on my own and I came up empty. Salesteamlive delivers and I think that’s why all the big names use them and recommend them. Hope that helps.


…almost sounds as if you are affiliated with Sales Team Live… :shocked

They may be a good company,but make sure you want to use them.
Once you sign up no refunds.