Does any one use What are your impressions or experiences with it?

Really depends on what your needs are and how much would you really use it. They have 30 days trial, but if you don’t have high volume contacts do you really need it.

I have used It is a very robost system and the reporting features are top notch.

What I don’t like about the system is there are a lot of multiple repetitive data entry areas.

What I do like about the system is its robost reporting features

How big is your company?

If its for yourself. Don’t use it. There are cheaper options from most basic to more complex… Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, ACT, Sugar CRM…etc. Google “Free CRM system” or “contact manager”.

If you have a team of five salesman working full time, its an option.

I use for my real estate business. I learned it at my last job so I have created web-to-lead forms on my website and know how to really leverage the CRM system. The 1-5 employee system is not very expensive, by the time you need to upgrade you should be rolling in the dough. There others that work too, you just have to learn how to use a CRM to get a return.

Make sure that you really need it and one more thing is they also have a trial version for 30 days.

I did not try salesforce, but I think ebay is better to try

What do you mean, you tried Ebay instead of salesforce?