Sale and Purchase contracts

I have a question regarding real estate contracts and additional documents necessary to do business. I’m about ready to look for my first deal and am wondering where to obtain real estate contracts and additional necessary documents. I understand TREC puts out all the forms or you can get an attorney to draft. Is there a real estate supply store in town? What do you all suggest???


Here is the TREC website: You can go there and download all of the standard RE forms. If you want any creative forms, you will have to buy a course specific to what you need, know someone who is willing to lend you a course, or hire a lawyer to draw them up for you. I hope this helps.

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Most title companies have forms too if that would help.

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You can also get standardized, generic forms at Office Depot or Office Max. Also, if you click the “links” link above, there is a “forms” page where you can find some web sites that offer forms. Total Real Estate Solutions has some decent ones.

My opinion is that if the transaction is fairly standard, I’d use the TREC forms (and I do for many deals).