Safest bet for renting


In terms of demand, what is traditionally the best building purchase to make into rentals? Single family homes? Multi-units? Thanks

For me, the best bet is a single family home. I know how to find them, rehab them, get a tenant in, pull cash out and create positive cash flow – that formula is working for me, so I stick to it. This is a slow and steady way to achieve my financial goals.

I’m not opposed to the multi-until properties, I’m just not there yet. They won’t give me a gun carrying permit, something about not being able to hit the broad side of a barn… – details LOL.


How many times do I need to tell you?

SHOTGUN/BUCKSHOT – it’s just like using the computer —>“point and click”


Keith, I’m a slow learner :D. Recently I have learned from you that the ‘Shotgun/Buckshot method’ is a solution for many real estate investment issues. I need to look at this more closely ;D

Often, just the “knowledge of teh possibility” is a great deterrent!

Maybe just an “I AM THE NRA AND I VOTE” bumper sticker in your case!


Keith, you truly make me laugh! I am going for the bumper sticker (on my jag) HAHAHAHA.

Multi family…I never do single family. Go for 3 or more units. One unit pays the mortgage, one is profit and the third you hope that they pay and I allocate that one for other projects.

You can get a gun permit if you can prove that you carry a lot of cash. Rentals usually qualify.