Safe key boxes for investors

Can an unlicensed investor setup a safekey so that other realtors can look look at a home that I am selling without me letting them in the home?

Sure. You can get a regular lockbox and place it on the door or near it.

Haha. Thanks- that was a no brainer I guess. I am working on a short sale where the home is out in Timbuktoo. Normally, I dont mind meeting with serious buyers, but I think my time would be wasted driving such far distances.

I have heard you can find them at Home Depot, Lowes, and the like.

So, just to be clear…you’re letting people into a house that you don’t own or have under binding contract?

Good point, Paul. I have been thinking lately about this too. I assume that doing it this way would create an insurance/liability issue for me.

Is there a way to protect myself?

OK Gregg back to the no brainer part…under binding contract with right to show/enter/market…

Thanks Darin–havent seen you in the forum in awhile

Howdy Gregg,
I have been negotiating some new deals, had a lady call with 7 property’s to unload. She is upside down on all but one. Had another guy with 8 property’s needs to sell 6 asap. All over financed. Says he is really happy to help me do short sales on all of them. So he is putting together all the mortgage info for tomorrow’s meeting. Both sellers are coke addicts. Never saw the upside to drugs like that till now …Hah Just put a"Sell or lease your home now" sign on the back of my truck, haven’t had any calls from it yet. I’m hoping the first call won’t sound like …Hey !! You Fargin Icehole Don’t Cut Me off Like That Again !!! … Been installed for a week now.
Filming/shooting a TV commercial at 10 am in the morning to be broadcast on the local station…Hi…My name is Darin, sell or lease your home or other real estate Today!!Etc,
Hope it works. I’m buying 230 spots in a 30 day window. Total cost…less than $1500 bucks !!!
Playin’ and Prayin’ to win, Darin

how did you work out such a good deal? Or did you go through a placement company? :shocked

Good Morning Charlotte,
The local station is offering a teaser rate for 30 days. At the quoted priced I had to take it. After the 30 day trial they try to sell you on a 6 month or year contract. Each month would then only have 100 commercials for 500 bucks a month. The initial 1500 includes producing the commercial which is billed at 90 and 65 dollars an hour. 90 per hr. for filming and 65 per hr for editing. So 900 dollars for 230 commercial and about 4-600 for producing. If I sign a long term contract then there are no production costs at all.
Call them …it might be cheaper than you think.

One option is the lockbox combined with an wireless portable alarm system. Before someone enters, they must call you and then you can disable the alarm before they enter. They will utilize the key in the lockbox to enter.

This will provide you with a little more control. Of course, I still wouldn’t allow just anyone to enter.

check out this website

thats actually pretty cool…I wonder how much it runs?

I ended up buying a lockbox @ Lowes for about $30