Sacramento Investor Needs Help on Kansas MO Property

I had a lead come through my website from Kansas City MO.
And I’m in Sacramento Ca.

Very Motivated Seller , PBO at $63,000 asking $29,997.
Looking at the 5 pics she sent it needs repairs but she’s not sure
what all it needs.

I posted an ad on craigslist to get someone out there to take some more pics
and get a list of repairs and have gotten 50+ responses to the ad.

But I really need somebody who knows what they are doing who is not looking
for a full time job. As far as I know it’s the only one this seller has.

I would be willing to split the profits on this one if someone was willing to take the
photos and get a few repair bids for me. (If it’s worth doing anything with?)

I have buyers who are interested if the numbers work.

Send Direct Message if Anyone’s Interested?


I probably responded to your Ad. I am willing to take the photos, do a repair bid and or get repair bids for you. I know what I am doing and will work with you as far as compensation.

Please email me at I will contact you once I have your contact info.


Gregg Hines