s-corp or LLc pricing

I got a price to set up and s-corp in Texas of $1,200 dollars. Is this normal pricing for this. Maybe i am off base, but i thought this was a little high for boilerplate work. Should i be shopping around or is this the going rate.

I’m guessing it was from a bloodsucking atty.

you should definitely be shopping around. that’s called robbery where I live.

a more reasonable fee would be $150 plus the state fees ($300).

I’m not an atty and I don’t play one on TV.

if you do it yourself for “free” you don’t get a management agreement, tax elections and advice.

The Cali attorney I met with wanted $1,800 plus state filling fees. You can find places online to do it. I paid $600 for a Nevada one. That INCLUDED the state filing fees and 1 year of registered agent service. So, you should be able to find it pretty cheap online.

I am in Texas also, and you should be looking in the $500 range

Thanks everyone. See,It does pay to belong to the REiClub. Saving of $750.00.

Is that inclusive of all the State fees? If so, it’s not completely unreasonable.

In IL, the LLC itself is $500 bucks and takes four to six weeks. If you want to rush that and make it a week-- you can pay an extra $100 bucks.

It’s as simple as logging onto http://www.cyberdriveillinois.com/services/services_business.html

and downloading, printing, and filing the paperwork.

Of course, the services like www.corporate.com will do it for you for a fee-- but they also walk you through the process greatly simplifying it, and they include things and/or offer to give you things as a package deal that you will need like a minute book, annual report, bylaws, and operating agreements that make life a little easier.