Ryan - Postings about Rehab Loans

I decided to post this as a new thread, originally I was only going to reply to one of the handul of comments you sent out today but there were too many. Most of which I’m sure will be deleted as it appears you didnt read the rules.

My experience with this individual was not good. There are actually 2 Ryan’s that work together. One that does the marketing (or board hunting) and the other that brokers the loans to lenders.

I was told by the first Ryan that they could get a deal done. We went though every peice of information relative to qualfication before ordering an appraisal. After 30 days it finally came to a denial because the loan size was over the lender’s maximum. As it turned out, my client was out over $500 for appraisal fees. In addition to not knowing the lenders maximum loan amount, there were also several other factors that both missed.

They would not reimburse my client for their error.

This is what happens when you try to co-broker a deal…


Scott Miller

I agree. All of my contacts are direct lenders. In this case they represented themselves as the lender. Website, logo, email addresses…etc.

It wasn’t till later that I spoke to the owner who explained the whole relationship he had with them.

One look at their website was all I needed—the guidelines are a complete knock off of RF…

I guess I was fortunate that they didn’t return any of my phone calls when I inquired with them early last year (another warning sign).

There is a reason why they are pretending to be something there not—the illusion is more profitable.


Scott Miller

Who is the lender? and who is RF?