Ryan & Angie Tewis & Claude Whited Short sale

Has anyone everyheard of Ryan Tewis, Angie Tewis & Claude Whited. They are selling a short sale system. There info looks OK but is pricey they have a seminar coming up in Florida net month. Has anyone bought any of there systems or heard anything good or bad about them?

I think you’ve got your answer !

I read every post, every day…I don’t see an answer.


thats whay i mean… how goof are they? no comments !

Green Queen & everyone else, who do you recommend? What are some of the good short sale courses??

I Was at the show today …claude seemed to know what he was talking about … infact he is the reason im online right now looking up more info on short sales…

I would not pay 2,500 to go to the bootcamp… ;D

My 2 cents…2 thumbs up! I think Claude explains the short sale system better than anyone I’ve heard in laymens terms. It is not complicated but there is a process to doing it and he explains it precisely.

Yeah their bootcamp is pricey. But nobody offers a better guarantee either. A complete refund after 3 days if you feel you haven’t gotten 10x what you paid for.

Theres numerous other short sale programs out there that are decent and less expensive but not as thorough as Ryan, Angie and Claude provide: Michael Hoback, Dwan Bent-Twyford are two that come to mind. Do a Google search for short sale real estate and a slew of them should pop up. Then do your due diligence and get the program that fits your budget.

I’ve listened to Claude speak he does sound knowledable. Did you actually go to a boot camp or have any of their training materials? If so, how’s the info? Are you or have you made money from their system.

Yes I have some of their material and no I haven’t gone to their bootcamp.
Prior to getting their material I had a pretty good grasp of the short sale process from prior education and experience.
But nothing I learned prior to finding out about them really explained things the way they do which I wish I would’ve known about early on and I’m sure would’ve speeded up my learning curve.
Once you decide what kind of investment strategy you want to pursue, read and listen to as many different teachers as you can. They all have their own way of explaining things, some much better than others do, some are vague, others are detailed but explain it in less understanding terms. But you still learn a little from all of them. With Claudes teaching background, he really sums it up in easy to understand lingo I thought and wish I would’ve found them about $2000 sooner than I did because I would’ve invested in them before the others I spent money on and know I would’ve shortened my learning curve immensley just by the way he breaks the subject down in easy laymens terms even I can understand.

Do you know where I can get some of their material without going to the boot camp? I haven’t found anyone selling anything.




OK, is there any way we can have a private discussion without it being deleted. I’d like to know what you had to say.

I only made a joke about Angie but the only point I was making by asking the board not to edit my post is that I would like to be able to speak freely without being censored.

As far as what I thought tonygtg of the seminar in Tampa FL Claude was the only one I thought that spoke well. His knowledge on short sales seemed to be very good.

I would not pay 2,500 for the boot camp b/c their is more then enough info on short sales on the internet and in the bookstore

The boot camp that was offered covered marketing (by Ryan) Short Sales and Contracts (by Claude) and selling the property (by Angie)

A little math I was thinking about as I was sitting there.

$2,500 cost for boot camp
100 people sign up

Total = 250,000

3 day boot camp

9am – 5pm

8 hours X 3 days = 24 total working hours

$ per hour = $10,416

Lets just say I started to see why these bigger investors hold boot camps once or twice a year.

Anyway my advice would be to save your 2,500 and buy a book or serf the web!


Here are some Notes that i typed up at the sem. From Claude

Order of Presentation of a Short Sale

  1. Cover/Offer letter (short sale cover letter) short and to the point
  2. Purchase & Sales Agreement
  3. Hud Statement
  4. REO Spread Sheet
  5. Hard Ship Letter
  6. Sellers Fin. Info
  7. MLS Comps
  8. Repair Est. with photos

BPO – Brokers Price Opinion


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You seem to be more fixed on what mentors are make rather than what you will make once taught by mentors.

This is a comman fault by most people, and I know about spending and getting no return, but I have turned that corner wth my new mentors and I have now made back all the money i lost with others and much more.

How much do you think it would cost you if you were one on one with a mentor, to gather all their knowledge, 40k 50k … seems a lot but when you can take those tools they teach you and you go out and cash a 50k or 60k check do you think it’s worth it.
You will be able to shorten your leanring curve, and implememt your new knowledge in a shorter period of time.

Or would you rather pay $100 for a book and go it alone.
What happens when you have questions or you dont understand, wouldn’t it be great to make a call or email and get the answers yo are looking for.
Now I dont know if they offer that service but that is the service I get.

How do you become a guru?

Decalre yourself one and charge $2500.

All Gurus do is help those believe… even for a short time while they are in their presense that they can do… That they are good enough… smart enough. Then after the seminar the majo wears off and the “investor” has to sign up for one more boot camp, one more seminar… so that they can believe once again that they are good enough, smart enough…

With the internet… there are no more experts.

maybe you just haven’t found your perfect guru yet.

You are correct, most seminars pump you up and you leave ready for action then life gets in the way.

And before you know it you go back to your old " non-performing" life.

Get your self a good mentor who will take you by the hand until you are competent enough to do it yourself.

Again you are right some gurus charge and dont deliver. but some do.



Whose the mentor you’ve mentioned previously that finally steered you in the right direction that you speak so highly of?

i will email you. I dont want to break any rules.

There are rules to the board and if you disparage, the other person can try to sue. Moderators try not to delete if the rest of the post is valuable. You can speak freely as long as you follow the rules and try not to get us sued.