russ whitney seminar

he’s in town , heard the hype, read all the bad reviews lol, just figuered i’d go and see what info he has to offer if anything ( not buying). anyone going ? i’m attending the jan 16 seminar. just curious

Is it free or low cost?

Just know going in that it’s all about the $$$ and they are not giving any good “poop” away for free…the good stuff will cost.

It might be good entertainment, though!

Where are you attending?


it’s free, i’m going to the altimonte springs one here in fl. thought there might be some “good poop” but really wanted to go to meet some contacts. i missed the orlando REI meeting (bummed) but plan to attend the next.

It may be a good place to network but I’ve heard that some gurus have prohibitions on that (if you can imagine)!

Let us know how it went!


When I went, they didn’t allow you to give out business cards and they try to prevent you from networking. At the free seminar all they really do is promote the seminars that cost thousands.

How do they keep you from talking to others at the seminar? If you were to hand someone a card and the person accepts it would they take it away? Red flags.

there is quite a few people there watching and if they see you handing out cards or anything like that they come over and tell you that you cannot do that or that you have to leave

“there is quite a few people there watching and if they see you handing out cards or anything like that they come over and tell you that you cannot do that or that you have to leave”

gota be sneaky on the breaks :wink:

very! we handed out business cards, my partner wanted to stay so I did. I wouldn’t pay for any of his classes, they don’t seem to be worth it plus I have heard alot of horror stories from some who have attended.

Well if you decide to take any of his bootcamps in which he does not teach any of them I would recommend the foreclosure or wholesale. Do not bother with MU or the basic 3day class espeically if you know some REI now…

honestly i just want the free suprise gift ($190 value) :wink: lol

Sorry, his seminar is a complete scam. The book is great, but I attended the seminars against my wishes (accompanied a friend).

  1. They won’t give you a pre-written agenda. They provide a meaty outline of what they’re supposed to cover, but you won’t learn any of that stuff. The speaker even asked us what we wanted to learn and wrote topics onto a transparency. Later, he did the motivational rant, told us about his rich lifestyle, and said that we should not be skeptical disbelievers. We never saw the transparency again and only learned a few nuggets of wisdom that I later realized you can get anywhere.

  2. They kept saying that the class was just the 'tip of the iceberg". They played classic game where you don’t learn anything, but want you to keep paying for “insider mentoring” and other seminars that are more expensive.

  3. They made the room very cold and had people planted in the audience who seemeed to work for the company. The person I sat next to was upset that he recognized people from the Dallas and Houston seminars who had said in each one that this was their first real estate investment seminar. The speaker tended to call on them a lot during the session and referred to them pretty often.

  4. The speaker started to ignore anyone who asked tougher questions. They weren’t negative, but just asked for specifics. For instance, I asked about the logistics of how he financing properties. I asked another question about asset protection because he said something that didn’t make sense. After that, I was cut off and he ignored me.

At the beginning of the class, they asked if there were any agents, lawyers, or reporters in the room. The speaker really seemed to focus only on questions from maybe 5 people.

I asked for a refund and they tried to balk, so I went to the news station. Fox News did a story on it and got full refunds for myself and my friend. You can read more about Russ on .

I have to say that I did learn to ask, “Is that the best you can do?” when negotiationg. Again, the book is actually pretty good, which is why I let my friend talk me into going to the seminar.

unfortunatly i have a snafu , my kids are off from school that day . it looks like i’ll end up at home with them. sooooo… i’ll be working on my current business plan and trying to finish that up. unless i can find a work around, but it looks like my efforts may be better spent elseware than at the seminar.

Trust me, time spent with family is waaaaaay more important!



I’d tell people to go after they’ve read the comments on Ripoffreport and and this article on John T. Reed’s site.

Russ’ group did exactly what this article had written. Making the room cold, not answering questions, talking about the bigger event, etc. He was being sued by several attorney generals for fraud.

I just finished my second day of the three day Real Estate Training Program. I was the guest of my friend who paid $995 for the three day course. What a scam!!

The whole point of the 3 day seminar is get you to sign up for more expensive “advanced” courses. These courses range from $8,000 - $60,000 for a number of other 3 day courses. When we attended the free seminar last month, we were promised that this 3 day seminar would give us all the information we need to become a successful real estate investor. Now, after 2 days of this intensive real estate seminar, I understand that the whole point is to sell us more seminars at insane prices.

My friend and I figured it out when we broke for lunch on the first day. Our assignment on the lunch break was to call our credit cards to see how far we could raise our limits. We were also warned before lunch not to talk to other people negatively about the class. If you did, you were OUT! The instructor (who was very entertaining and amusing) also kept making references to the importance of “advanced training” and how it takes money to make money in real estate. He said that we would need up to 50K to be a successful RE investor. If we didn’t have 50K, the instructor would tell us after lunch how we could get that money.

Well, my friend and I figured it out that they were going to have us use our new limits on our credit cards to pay for more advanced classes to benefit them, not us. They also kept promising to talk about all the “good stuff” on Sunday, the same day that they would be signing up people for the advanced classes. Since the Chicago Bears are playing in the playoffs on Sunday, he promised to have us out of the class by kick-off even though that is the same day that he is going to give us all the important info. Take my advice, stay away from the Russ Whitney free seminars!!

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