Russ Whitney Seminar

Has anyone been to one of Russ Whitney’s seminar? I just went today and it seemed good to me, but i just wanted some insight from the gurus in here. My buddy purchased the 3 day training for $995.00 and I get to go free. So I guess I will see what that is all about. Just wanted to know if there are any horror stories on Russ. I see a lot of bad press on him on the internet, but I don’t know ho wreal it all is. Thanks for any replies you may have.

Russ has some good tips on several types of investing. If you are getting to go for free, then GOOD DEAL.

Hi Kenneth,

Nice to meet you.

Russ Whitney was one of many seminars I paid for until I found out what worked best for me.

The Free seminar I first went to was to get me to buy the $995 package. I got that and went over 3 days and the whole gist of it was to get you to raise your credit limits to buy more courses from them.

I honestly did not pick up to much I could use from that 3 days. Several folks bought other programs for anywhere from $5K to $60K and when I ask for their phone numbers to see how they did, the folks giving the seminar told me we could NOT exchange numbers with one another?
They actually got rude about it?

I mean even the $60K full program is still less than my college, and if it would have helped I would be all for it, but the way they put on the 3 day seminar put me off. So I did not buy any more education from them.

After you attend, please post back on your feelings on it. I would be interested if its still the same. I went about 9 months or so ago.

Good Luck. :slight_smile:

yesterday i went to a real estate seminar and the teacher there recomended not to pay for his seminars. he said it’s very motivational but probably not worth the money. of course he was also trying to sell his 3 day training for 2000$! go figure

i’ve been to quite a few seminars.[luckily didnt have to pay full price for any of them]
the only person i’d recommend is ron le grand.and thats coz he’s holding a FREE seminar. buy his stuff
on ebay for less than half price. find a few friends to split it with. rinse and repeat with other gurus.
don’t go wasting $1k on a seminar who’s main focus is to make you buy more seminars.


Great advice, For those just getting started, remember, there are those who are willing to teach you the basics without charging you a grand a pop. You can get the same information by checking the forums and talking to other investors. The best way to get started is join a small investment group and share the risk and benefits, your 1000.00 is better spent working for you aquiring properties instead of make the gurus more wealthy.

More ramblings of a real estate mad mad :wink: