Russ Dalbey

I am a newbie as an investor. I have been studying about short sales for the past few weeks and realize the work involved is a bunch. I saw the Dalbey course on Cash Flow and ordered it today because it seemed so much a simpler way to make money without all the paperwork and contact with the bank and sellers and BPOs, etc. Does anyone have any input on the Cash Flow program?

Mahalo from Maui

Assumption might be possible in your state. Work the number first. Then create trust contract . Will explain later.

:-\ What???

His “Cash Flow” program is simply brokering Seller Financed Notes to Note Buyers. I would say that his “system” is extremely weak and is geared to make just one person money, that being Russ Dalbey.

There are better systems out there for Buying, Selling and Brokering notes. I personally have been buying notes for years and can tell the minute a person (a wanna be note broker) opens their mouth that they have done the Dalbey system. He really does not give in depth knowledge so I wound up having to train these “brokers” just to buy a note through them. So I hardly ever do that anymore (deal with Dalby types).

Good Answer Ryan. All those info commercial on tv is only gear up make those guys money.Been there and done that. Now I am a loan officer. Answer to Maui .Nothing is easy . It only become easy if it is a habit done consistant.
Check out you local business of commerce in your area… seek a person that is already doing it.Anhony Robbins said if " if you want to be rich … find a rich guy and copy his habits.

Thanks for ur help. The system cost me $97 and it included the books, tapes and DVDs. I consider it basic education in a multi-faceted career.


I bought this Dalbey system about 1.5 yrs ago for 23 bucks. I wanted to get into REI and figured this would be a good way to learn what LTV was, or CLTV, or what the heck does second lien mean? Its what you make of it and for me it worked out well. I did broker some notes, learned a ton about real estate in general, asked alot of stupid questions, and talked to as many legit note investors as possible. I’ve turned that 23 dollar course into 10 properties and closing on another one in July. It all boils down to you my man. Use the knowledge that you gain and make it happen. Good luck,


Very true. Like the saying knowledge is power… If that knowledge is not used, then it is useless.

From your experience is it difficult to find note holders? I am not affraid of putting my time in and hard work on something that can bring financial rewards to me. Just wondering if note buying is the way to go.

Have your ducks in order. What is Charter? Are you speaking about the private sector? Share what you are trying to do, then I may comment on info given.