Running comps

How can i find comps on my own, without a realtor


 There are a lot of online resources that may or may not have accurate data, Zillow and AOL Home Values are two well known ones!

But real MLS Comp’s are the only way to absolutely define value and should always be used for a signed contract to verify value before making an offer or during your contingency period to absolutely know and understand the market and define value.

You can pay for a data feed which is primarily coming from MLS data.


In NJ, there is a website for the Association Of County Tax Boards that provides info on every house in each county, including sale prices over the past 10 years or so, including sales done without the MLS or a real estate agency so you can get an even better picture or real values. I simply look up every street in the neighborhood and note the recent sales and prices. Your local, state, or county government may provide a similar resource. Try a Google search or contact them by phone.


Don’t leave out the realtors. They can give you some nice comps for the free, free! If you have a house your interested in putting under contract, drive around the area to see if you can find similar homes that are forsale with realtors. They can give you the prices. Get about 3 good comps. :silly

I would use Google and see if there are any sites that will provide comps for your area. I’m guessing there are. You’ll more than likely have to pay a monthly fee, but it can be worth it. Also, if you have a house you’re going to look at don’t be afraid to talk to people in the neighborhood. The neighbors know who just bought a house and sometimes more. Just tell them you’re looking to buy a house in the neighborhood and start asking questions from there. If you run into someone who just bought a house, ask to come in and look at it.