Running ads for finding buyers

I am trying to build a buyers list, and would appreciate any help on what type of ad to run on I do not have any properties to offer yet. Can anyone give me a few examples of some ads that will not get flagged?


Good question. I advertised a fake home once, got hung up on and flagged immediately.

One thing you can do is call agents listing properties that your target buyers would be interested in. You can post ads for their property and essentially bring them buyers as you build your buyers list. Sounds like a win-win to me.

Post an ad that talks about having access to properties that are 30cents on the dollar. Technically you do and you just havent found them

That sounds like a great suggestion! Better than what I did a few days ago. I put up a fake ad (check my post: Need Help QUICK!!) and should have never done it. :banghead :banghead Oh well, live and learn.

Yeah,but can you deliver true 30cents on the dollar using real comps?

If you advertise something you can’t deliver on people will be upset

You don’t really necessarily have to run an ad. You can find more than your fair share of investors for your buyers list online. Find houses for rent and call them and find out if they buy houses and if they are buying houses right now. If they say yes then tell them what you do and find out where they buy and any other specifics you need. You can find many investors on www., craigslist, and many more sites like this. Just pay attention to the language of the add or look at the name of who is advertising the property for rent. If you see something like “Equity Investment Corporation” or something of that nature you know it’s an investor.

A good Idea but make sure your ads are useful to the visitors.

What benefit would a buyer have to be on your list?

Why wouldn’t they just find a home themselves?

What makes you so “special”?

What value can you provide to them?

How can you solve their problem?

How quickly can you deliver on what you say in your ad?

These are just some of the questions that your buyers could be thinking and you want to answer them upfront in your ad, so there will be no question that you are IT!

Your ad should be short and to the point. Long ads work too, but they have to maintain interest.

Identify what niche you specialize in, find out what problems they have, provide benefits and solution. They will respond, if they feel you can truly help them.

Try split testing your ads. Post multiple ads and see which one gets the most visitors. Keep the winner ads and dump the loser ads and continue to write more ads.

You’ll probably never make the “perfect” ad, but you can come close.

Also, always have a call to action. Tell them exactly what do do. Whether it is to email you, call you, or go to your website. You have to put that in your ad.

Example: If I’m specializing in Lease Options, I might say something like:

Subject: Are You Sick & Tired of Renting?


Subject: How To Become A Home Owner in less than 12 months…Even with Bad Credit!


We can turn you into a homeowner within the next 12 months. If you’re sick and tired or renting and being told…“NO” by the banks, then we can help you:

*Regardless of your credit score
*With Low Money Down
*No Bank qualifying

Head over to my website and tell me what you’re looking for:


Just reply to this ad and tell me what you’re looking for.


Just call 555-555-5555 and tell me what you’re looking for.

That’s it. Just mention their problem, mention your solution, and tell them where to go to solve it!

By the way, I haven’t tried this ad above, but if you’re into lease options, you may want to give it a try. I have posted similar ads to that one which have gotten great results.

Hope that helped…