So how does one get the help they really need here? I just read the rules and you are not allow to ask for a recommedation or aloow others to call you. I want to help anyone and everyone I can but if I can’t leave my number and the email doesn’t work HOW DO I GET TO HELP PEOPLE???

I am not a moderator…I’m sure that one of them will give a good explanation. But basically, this is a discussion forum, meant to ask questions and have real estate related discussions. It’s not to advertise or solicit business or services. Help is definitely here. If anyone has a problem or a question, the high majority of questions and/or problems can be answered right here.

Again, I am not a moderator, this is the way I understand it. These forums are a great resource if used properly.

Regards, Tony.

Thanks for putting a light on my situation. I see that there is a lot of advice here for the new and the old. I just needed to vent and now that I know the rules I will be able to follow them with out frustration. I also look forward to helping anyone that I can.

Does anyone here know where to find a Real Estate Investment (REI) Club near Austin, Texas?


There are some in this list. If you look to the left, there is a list of all kinds of stuff.

There are many here from Texas too. I’m sure some of them might know more about the clubs.


The Forum rules are set to keep the discussion forums just that…for discussions (OK, and a few arguements)…

  1. You can put your contact information in your “footer” (sign-off) – called a “Member Default Signature” and it will appear on all of you messages. The Moderators give a great deal of leeway for your sign-off as long as it’s not vulgar and doesn’t exceed 5 lines total.

From the forum rules:
Member Default Signature
You may use your forum signature to advertise your business and/or network as long as the signature is no more than 5 lines and has no blank lines in it. Once you’re logged in, click the “profile” button underneath the banner ad near the top of this page to set it up.”

  1. As for asking for references, it’s a lot about how you phrase the question…also covered in the forum rules. You can also use the networking ads:

Networking Ads
You can advertise anything related to real estate. You can network and ask for referrals here.

  1. Nowhere in the rules does it say that folks cannot call you.
    See #1 above.

  2. Each member can also send and receive Private Messages (“PMs”)…this function is in the top banner. It should say “Hey, texasrealtor! You have XX messages, X are new.”

  3. REI Clubs:

Hope this helps…