rookie looking for assistance with first deal in Denver, CO

I am in the process of working with a homeowner who is seeking assistance to avoid foreclosure. She has already moved out of the house and is willing to do a short sale. However, this is my first deal and I don’t know the proper steps to follow to help her. I don’t have the credit score or finances to purchase the home myself, so I’m looking to bird dog it or wholesale it.

Can anyone offer some assistance?



If you want to bird dog it, you can call the “we buy houses” ads in your area. Ask if they work short sales. I wouldn’t suggest trying to take a short sale on yourself if you don’t have any training or someone to mentor you. You may end up spending a lot of time for nothing. For example, if this owner has an FHA loan, you will probably not be able to get a short sale approved because she has moved out.