Roof Cleaning

Does anyone ever have the roofs cleaned on properties they are buyinng & selling?

I just blow them off with a leaf blower if they have any accumulations…


I have also ran a power washer from the top to bottom where they have been greened up by trees. Looks real nice!

I mean cleaning like this:

Ive done that with a power washer, no soap.

Yes the chemicals do work even just bleach and water. But they only work about 1/2 as good as what your video shows. The only way to get it that clean is to use the pressure washer with high pressure to do some of the cleaning. This is a big mistake because you take a lot of the life out of the shingles as you also wash off the granulars. The chemical should only be washed off with low pressure or like the pressure in your home garden hose. Just make you pick one of the companies that only use low pressure and watch them. Its a lot quicker and easier for them to turn up the pressure to get it done quicker.