Ron LeGrand's Lead Selling System

To all:

Has anybody tried or is currently using Ron LeGrand’s Lead Selling System? It sound like a great idea, but is it a real opportunity? Please send me any opinions about it. Thank you much for your time.

Mike Weller

I think I have been on stage 3 or 4 times with Ron… Great guy… Fantastic organization… However I remember the day Ron introduced me for the first time… A classic example of “I am in it for the MONEY”

Therefor just know that the items that are pitched at these things are about how much money the event holder is getting paid… They have little to do with if it is a good product or not…

Good Luck

I have tried it in the past before Ron Legrand came up with his system and it works great. The down side to it is you’ll have a high turnover in the people buying leads and you have to keep replacing them. You really need to put someone in charge of it full time to keep finding new buyers, collecting info on some leads that weren’t filled out properly, collecting payments for the leads, and other misc. stuff. If you can have a devoted person I think the upside is worth having this system in place. It should pay for itself. Good Luck.

I just got the system in the mail 3 days ago. It took me a day to read all the writtien material-about 90 pages.

A few things disappointed me about his “machine”.

1st off-its NOT a “machine”. You have to do about 70% of the work, which is compiling business emails and contact addresses, contacting and visiting these businesses. PLUS you have to PAY and SET UP your website with the information.

2ND- When I called Ron’s company- NO ONE KNEW WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT! I asked about who is in charge of the “Lead Selling Program”-the receptionist acted like she had no clue the company sold training systems, i was transferred to a guy who didn’t know anything about the system i purchased. he gave me the number to ‘Global Publishing’- and the woman I spoke to couldn’t answer my questions either!!

She told me that she will look into the matter of “Where’s the website?” and call or email me back. Its been 24 hours and no response.

I called Global Publishing for my refund, being you have only 3 days to review the material before you can not return it-and the “refund department” doesn’t come in to work until the afternoon! so i had to leave a voice message.

For $650.00 This DOES NOT COME WITH A FREE WEBSITE. You still have to pay $200/setup PLUS a ridiculous $200/mo reoccurring fee!

That’s the most EXPENSIVE website i have ever seen! and this is after you cough up almost $700!

I can pay someone $200 to develop a website for me and pay maybe a $10 hosting fee! So WHY would I pay this much for a “machine” that is suppose to have everything set up for me???

Please use your $900 to build YOUR OWN Lead Selling business-this one is NOT worth it.

Most of the reviews for Ron LeGrand go against him from what I’ve seen, but that happens to most of the SO CALLED GURUS.

So how do you know who you can trust (if any), they gurus are “making money” by telling you what to do to “make money” and most of the time they are giving out dated or erroneous information and then you play hell trying to get your money back.

Your best bet is to just do the research yourself and not give these “”“MARKETING GURUS”“” your money, they are a scam…

Yeah, systems like this always work. What fails sometimes is those who do not exactly knew how to use the system.'s+Lead+Selling+System&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a

I almost got caught up in buying this and most of his other stuff as well. He Is very Compelling. I will say this for Ron, He has some great info for real estate. I have some of his stuff and follow what he puts out regularly, especially the free info. You just have to be careful because he has sooo much stuff. If you interest is real estate investing then why buy a lead selling system??? Yea he makes it sound convincing that you are missing out on tons of money. Then theres the ebay thing and internet marketing and blah blah blah. The important to focus on what you want and stick to it without getting side tracked.

Are there any lead programs people do like? Stuff that has produced more income than the program costs?

Just curious, I bought this course about 3 years ago, went through it did not really understand what was going on with it put it on the self, I picked it up again 3 years later and really started studying it and wow! Is anybody working the system?
Thx Mel

We’ve incorporated many of Le Grand’s marketing principles into our business.

It seems the complainers are the ‘something for nothing’ types that literally want ‘something for nothing,’ and get all whiny and bitchy when money doesn’t fall of trees.

One thing that kinds of sets up Le Grand for these complaints is that he really markets to ‘achievers’ who will do whatever it takes to make $100K a year with his program, but he doesn’t emphasize the work involved, just the results.

The ones that can’t figure out that work is actually involved, are the ones that aren’t willing to do whatever it takes, and consequently fail, and blame …who else? Ron Le Grand! Pfft.

It works. They just won’t work it. End of story.

Well spoken! Running your own business is tuff, its not a 9 to 5 monday-friday gig! Going out friday night and putting out 100’s of bandit signs why everybody else is at the movies sucks sometimes! I have used the info legrand puts out and it works, I have flipped houses to investors, I have bought them sub2, and leased them with options. Bottom line you get out what you put in!

Anybody using the inetusa lead selling website?

Thx Mel

Someone said something about buying leads for real estate. I say don’t do this at all because its not a smart thing to do. I will prefer you to create your own marketing plan to gain your own leads. These are the best ones that will convert into buyers or sellers.

It just got confusing whether its profitable or not now :rolleyes