ron legrand

has any one had any experance with ron legrands system,? good or bad?

I hear both good and bad. The thing with ANY system is you get out of it what you put into it. The system can only be as good as the one who’s using it unless it’s FUBAR to begin with.

Ask yourself this: If the “system” is sooooo good, why aren’t the gurus out there USING it and making tons of cash. Why sell a “system” if the “system” is generating a boatload of loot for them? Why give away the secrets?

Hmm…could it be the “system” is a bunch of crap and that the guru really doesn’t know jack about wholesaling properties? Could it be that they know a lot of real estate terminology because they tried being an investor but sucked at it, so they developed a “system” to show you what to do, even though they can not use it themselves?

Get out there yourself and work with homeowners, ask lots of questions, do your research. You’ll run into an investor at your local REI club who’ll show you everything to do for FREE because you’ll be brining him deals.

Some of the “systems” are pretty good. Others are crap I agree… but I would not rule them all out.

Part of being successful is finding other avenues to make money, and Information Marketing is a good place to make money in. You make money by teaching people what you know.

The problem is that most make it sound so easy a monkey can do it. It becomes difficult to tell which “system” doesn’t work, and which works but those who buy it don’t take action because they are not spoon fed.

I have looked at his course in addition to many others. The one I found particularly interesting was from Kimberly and Charles Petty. I believe they are outside Atlanta, GA. They claim they have 8 ways for you to get your investment back plus a double guarantee. I believe their system is called Ultimate Turnkey Wholesaling or something to that effect. Has anyone heard of them?

Lets do some course trades… I say RLG is one of the best ive heard !! :anon

Real estate systems are normally built on what has worked very well for who ever put the system out. I have bought many systems and have yet to find one that doesn’t teach me at least one thing that will pay for the entire system. I have made alot of money wholesaling and I still buy other peoples courses hoping to learn just one more thing. You will find that people in life that are successful are also the ones willing to spend the money on themselves to become successful.

You don’t necessarily need to buy any system to get going as a wholesaler, but if your time is worth more than a quarter an hour you would be crazy not to. Why would you want to make the same mistakes that someone else has made? Why try to reinvent the wheel when someone else has already invented it? You time would be much better spent driving than trying to invent the car if you need to get somewhere.

You can learn ALOT from the forums, but from my experience much of the advice is from people who have only read other peoples advice rather than experiencing it for themselves. Thats why much of time you will see the same advice over and over with no new input or ideas.

People who make systems don’t just pull them out of thin air, they pull from experience.

Just about every course I have ever bought has added at least it’s value to my investing profits, but what you really need to pay attention to is the opportunity cost of your money. Could you get the same system info for $200 instead of spending $2000. That is where the real thought needs to go. You also need to pay attention to the opportunity cost of your time. If you make $30/hr at your job and your searching online for 20 hours trying to gather info then your cost for time is $600.

Just my 2 cents

Ron Legrand is my Hero! I havent found any better who would you say is…? Im interested in hearing it…
Course trades welcome… :anon

I don’t know anything about the course you are asking about, so this is not a comment on that course.

My comment about any of the courses is that you are paying really good money for information that is free and readily available.

Real estate investing is pretty basic stuff. There are only a few ways that you can invest in real estate, and there is nothing tricky about any of them.

Unlike Fadi, I believe a monkey could do real estate, as long as the monkey was motivated, hard-working, and capable of thought and anaysis.

The “monkey” who can not do real estate is the monkey who is waiting for somone else to lead him by the hand, make his decisions for him, do his work for him, and protect him from any risk.

Ron Legrand is King and is considered a dinosaur… Everyone has copied his work and added a lil twist in most courses available… You cant go wrong with his step by step bullet training…