ron legrand

dose any one have any thing good or bad to say about ron legrands system?

The less I do, the more I make. RIDICULOUS. Need I say more?


I like his course, it is more of a motivational course for me than anything else. I got it very cheap off of ebay. I would never pay full price for it though, not worth that price tag.

I dont have direct knowledge of his ability or practices…

All I know is what I learned as a guest speaker at a few of his events… I am not promoting him but can say that the people who love him REALLY love him…

There is something about him people grab a hold of and if that is what you need to succeed then by all means go for it…

He seems ot be a straight shooter and seems to tell it like it is. although again this is just in the conversatin I have had as a speaker. I cant vouch for his ability in Real estate however you dont get to the top 3-4 in the country by accident…

Michael Quarles

I read his book, believed his hype and thought I was going to be rich in a month. Not quite. “The less I do the more I make” If this was true my giant fat neighbor would be a GAZILLIONARE!!! Instead, she eats bon bons and watches Oprah.

Yeah, there’s a lot of guru nonsense out there. Try doing nothing and watch those millions pour in.


I’m a Ron Legrand fan. I’ve learned a lot and have used a lot of the things he teaches already.

“The Less I do, The More I Make”

People are taking this the wrong way. It actually means: “The Less Time consuming menial 10$/hr jobs I do in my business, the more time I have to focus on income generating activities, The More I Make”.

You guys look really silly making fun of him when you don’t even know anything about what he preaches or is talking about.

Of course, none of what I said will ever sink in because some of you still think running a business involves doing those 10$/hr jobs…

People are taking this the wrong way. It actually means: "The Less Time consuming menial 10$/hr jobs I do in my business, the more time I have to focus on income generating activities, The More I Make".

No, I fully understand what it means, but it’s still ridiculous. When newbies are starting out and even as they build their business and even when you have dozens of rentals like I do, it is absolutely silly to think that hiring someone to do the $10 tasks will allow you to do more deals. That is simply silly. How many extra hours per day are you going to search for deals? How are you going to do that? Even with a relatively large portfolio, I only work 12-16 hours per week. That leaves 152 hours to search for deals. And like the deal that I just picked up today, with $200,000 equity, I wouldn’t have gotten that deal if I’d been sitting in the office looking for deals. Quite the contrary, I got that deal because I was doing some of that “$10 per hour work” on one of my rentals.

Finally, that idea that you’re doing $10 per hour work is silly. The last time I calculated out my hourly rate for doing the maintenance and management, it was about $65 per hour.


Hey Tien, tell us about some your deals where Ron Legrand has helped you make money while doing less.

In the meantime I have some filing to do… can’t wait to hear your success stories…

Why the hung up on that phrase? what about the rest of the 40+ CDs? The reality is that he created more millionaires than anyone else in the teaching business.

Barney Zick called him up on his advice about using answering services, mailboxes…etc. Legrand’s way is to generate such a large amount of leads that only the motivated would contact you and it is numbers game. Zick’s argument is that most of those starting out do not have the budget to generate such large amount of leads.

My take on it is that this is your business… Listen to what others have to say and adopt what works for your business. You don’t have to do exactly what they teach. You need to run your business as a business.

Yay reading comprehension problems. I can see why reading that book had no impact on you at all.

I don’t spend “less” time on actually working / negotiating / spending time finding deals. I spend less and less time on the menial 10$ an hour jobs.

I don’t compile the marketing lists myself anymore, I merely receive it and print it.
I don’t write my own marketing letters. I hire someone to do it.
I don’t do cold calls to NOD’s anymore, I have someone else do it.
I don’t clean up the houses I buy anymore or paint it or whatever, I hire someone to do it.

I seem to be able to get more and more done every time I hire someone else to do a menial 10$ / hr job.

When newbies start off, if they have no experience whatsoever, they should do it themselves once or a few times so they can know what they are talking about when they hire someone else to do it later on.

You guys realize that doing everything yourself will save you money in the short term, but what happens to your business if you disappear for a few weeks? What happens to your business when you have a disability? What happens to your business when you decide to grow it past the point where 1 person is no longer enough? What happens to your business a few years down the line when you are absolutely fed up of taking all the tenant / homeowner calls but you still like to receive the monthly checks?

That’s awesome. Make fun of me for making fun of you, got it!

Please tell me about your success stories with Ron’s teachings…

p.s. I don’t paint anymore either

I just did…

I accomplish more in my business by doing less menial tasks. That’s my success story.

Maybe I’m just not understanding Ron’s teachings. I understand (through experience) that it doesn’t pay for me to be in my houses pulling carpet, setting toilets and painting. I need to be out there finding more deals.

It just sounds like such a bold BS statement when hot shot Legrand says “The less I do the more I make”. Can’t he just say “Hire some folks to do the labor while I find more deals?”

Now you’re talking semantics…

Of course he could, but that wouldn’t market quite as well. It’s a slogan - it has to be catchy; it’s part of marketing. Some people choose to misunderstand it and think they don’t need to do any work, but I think most understand the underlying concept and the one’s that don’t - probably weren’t going anywhere anyways.

I think the statement may go a little deeper then just a slogan…

If you are a Michael Gerber follower (E-Myth)and believe that you should work on your business instead of in your business in order to create wealth then you can see that LeGrand has taken that philosophy and ran with it…

I agree. It’s a mindset…I was merely just replying to Jared’s semantics.

I gotcha. I understand. Sometimes I’m a little slow, just ask around. Being around this business for at least a few years now I see so much of this “get rich quick” crap and immediately associate Legrand with that mindset. To me he makes it seem too easy. Hot shot guru… no thanks. “The more I do the less I make” is a terrible slogan in my opinion. But I do understand the logic behind it. Thanks for your insight…

It's a slogan - it has to be catchy; it's part of marketing.

Let’s be real here. Most of these gurus are selling the idea that you can get rich without work. The words are chosen carefully to get newbies to believe that they can get rich withour working for it - if they only pay several thousand bucks for the guru’s course, seminar, bootcamp, or mentoring.

That’s why so many courses mention autopilot. You can get rich on “autopilot” - TOTALLY RIDICULOUS! They also like to tout their “SYSTEM” - more BS. How about all the psychological mumbo-jumbo books that that promise if you only think it, the cosmic karma of the universe will make you rich - TOTAL NONSENSE!

The only way to get rich is to work like a dog for a few years or to play the mega-lotto. Then, once you get rich, you better spend some time working on your portfolio or it will soon disappear.

Finally, this idea that you shouldn’t do any physical labor because you should be spending time searching deals - that’s the most ridiculous idea of all. C’mon - how many hours in one cay can you spend searching for deals? How are you going to spend all those hours searching for deals? Do you have the money to buy all these deals you find? Is the market liquid enough to be able to sell all these deals fast enough that the holding costs don’t cause you to go broke?

There’s one guru that sent me an advertisement about mobile homes. It said that they don’t call mobile homes “trailers” anymore. The only “trailer” you’ll need with mobile homes is a trailer to haul all the cash to the bank. Stupidity sells!



I agree for the most part. That type of slogan is targeted towards people who are inexperienced in the business and it’s there to catch their attention with dreams of living the lifestyle of a millinaire all while just checking their bank account every week to see if the 5 figure deposit is there.

But if you have a little common sense, you obviously see right through the catchiness of it, and understand that saving $500 by doing the carpet or paint yourself, probably isn’t worth it and you could be doing better things with your time once you know what you’re doing.

But in RL’s favor, he does layout things everystep of the way. From marketing letters, to an answering service, etc. And he is probably one of the most successful investors there is, so he does know what he is talking about. But he also knows how to put a good campaign together to get people to pay him $6000 to attend a boot camp too!