Ron Legrand

Has Anyone been to Ron Legrand’s Major Income Strategies bootcamp? just wondering if it was any good or not


I didnt do his boot camp, but saw him speak twice and bought his $1,500 course. I like the course, but I say that very hesitantly. Like most, provides some good general rules, but lacks in some good step-by-step instructions. I kept reading and re-reading, and listening, to the information on wholesaling, cause I thought I kept missing something – Basically, the only way you get started is to drive around your entire neighborhood finding ugly houses. Oh, and he wants to to recruit people and pay them to do it too. Doesnt seem to efficient to me.

I’m really weary on the idea of boot camps. The first guru, who’s course will make me any money, will be the one who’s boot camp I attend.

i’ve heard ron speak and i have some of his courses. very good material. [can’t say really useful since i don’t look for distressed property and prefer new properties, but his lease-options stuff has really helped me out!!!] i recommend him, but before you spend the big bucks, try to get his stuff used on ebay.

The REI club has a great search tool for research and you can find it at;action=search or just below your title.

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This should get you started.

My wife & I just got back from his UGly House Boot Camp. Very informative, a good system, but every speaker had their own package to sell. It’s expensive, but a lot of the “gurus” in the industry seems to have learned from him, so why not go to the source? Not the only way to do it, but defenitely a good way.

the problem with bootcamps is they’re trying to upsell you to something else. i bought his $1,500 course too. [although i split it with a friend, and later sold it on ebay so i came out even]. 2 yrs later i still get calls from his henchmen trying to swindle me out of 5-10k.
i’ve explained to them that i’m doing pretty well on my own. i dont need them to help me to the next level or hold my hand or help themselves to my wallet.
i believe you can find everything you need on the internet, at your local library or in your local bookstore. most $100+ courses should be $25 books. if you want to try a course, get it used.

First of all, I have no stock in Legrand’s company nor do I sell his stuff. The first year in the business after spending about $20K in bootcamps, I netted as a one man show in cash and equity over $250K.

You do the math. Would I spend $20K to make $250K again? In a heart beat.

You can piss and moan all day about the other speakers selling their stuff, but nobody puts a gun to your head and makes you buy it.

The price of the education may be expensive, but the price of ignorance has no price because you will never know what you don’t know.

One rule I have when buying reference materials or attending seminars is that the person pitching or teaching MUST be doing what I am trying to learn. Simple enough.

Clyde G.

i spent 1200 in materials and i made 354k in my first year.
i also didn’t wash my car that year coz i was so busy. maybe it was the fact that i didnt wash my car that helped.

I’m happy you did so well your first year.

My point is that whatever you spend your hard earned money on, make sure the person you are learing from is actually doing the business, not just talking theory.

The money is irrelevent, it worked for you with much less of an investment. Since you made that 345K, why didn’t you have someone wash your car for you.

Clyde G.

Thanx for all the testimonials, but I’m really just wondering about his Major Income Strategies bootcamp. And if there are any prerequirements. I now get the point that Ron Legrand is not a fake.


ahem, i must confess i made an error. i made money in my 3nd year.
i spent the first year reading everything in the local library and bookstore.
i spent the 2nd year doing some deals and it took awhile before the stuff appreciated and was worth something! :-X

i haven’t washed my car for months coz

  1. everytime i wash it, it rains.
  2. i really don’t have the time.

RLG is the real deal. only he’s the ultimate salesman and will hypnotize you out of your [assumably] hard-earned money.

Alright well if not the MIS bootcamp, then does anyone know anything about his commercial bootcamp?