rolling floors

Here on the island these older homes have rolling floors but sound how would one fix em is it better to replace the floor itself?

So I guess no one has ever looked at a home that the floors looked like small hills from a distance. ???

So, By “rolling floors”, you mean warped? Excess humidity?

Very, very hard to fix completely.

What is the finish floor material and what is the subfloor material? Which one (finish or sub) is warped?


Old houses on piers and beams often have this issue. You’ll need to fix the foundation first. Sometimes that will flatten out the floors without any more work (other than refinishing the hardwoods).

house is on blocks literally, I would guess by looking at the floor I would say both the sub floor and the finish floor are warpped. house id 2350 Sq Ft

Get an estimate and HIRE it out!!

Do what you do best and outsource the rest!

You are not a floor guy you are an investor!

Then make your offer contingent to a floor allowance.

Here’s my robology on this

A. If the cost of re-doing the floor is to high for them to include into the offer then the deal is not right!

B. if you fix the floor yourself and are not looking for the next deal it might have cost you 10-20-400k to do it yourself!

C. If you already have an estimate done and are looking for the financing it is no big deal to allow for that… And get a check at closing to get this done!

Thanks for the robology. LOL Ill have a contractor look at it