Robyn Thompson

what do ya think?

No one ever hear of her?

I’ve heard of her and I looked over her website. She seems to be okay. I’m not overly impressed.

I have heard her speak. What do you want to know???


Im not looking for info just wondering what the consensus is on her techniques.Mike ,did you see her in connecticut last week?

I saw Robyn speak at a REIA convention. She is a good speaker and her techniques are correct. In fact, I’ve heard almost every one of the top “gurus” speak and almost every one has valid techniques. In my opinion, the key point after listening to all of these speakers is that they don’t have any “secrets”. The reason is that there ARE NO SECRETS. If you don’t have a clue about rehabbing and you have some spare money, then buying her course might be a good idea. However, you can learn almost all this info in the Carleton Sheets course for a fraction of the cost. Moreover, you could buy some books on rehabbing and get the info even cheaper.

All of these gurus have good info. However, what they are truly experts at is separating newbies from their money and them upselling them into an even more expensive course where the “true secrets” of the “insiders” will be revealed. A good seminar speaker can upsell a “student” several times and never reveal the “secret” that didn’t exist in the first place.


The art of legal piracy.That they have mastered.Thanks for the feedback.

I would not call it piracy. Quite the contrary, as I said earlier I think that most of the gurus offer good information. The real question is whether it is the best use of a newbie’s money to spend so much on one course or on mentoring.

I have purchased a couple of guru courses and have been very pleased with the results. I bought Patt Tarr’s “Armour and Camoflage” course which is a very comprehensive course on entities and protecting your assets. I paid about $500 for this course. The course taught me to start my own entities and included all pertinent paperwork. I already credit the material in the course for saving me from an expensive lawsuit. Money well spent if you ask me.

I also purchased Donna Bauer’s Notebuyer’s course. It is an extremely comprehensive course (hundreds and hundreds of pages). I paid about $800 for this course and within 3 days of coming home from the REIA convention, I bought two notes that profited me over $26,000 in 3 weeks. Again, WELL WORTH THE MONEY.

I think that the same could easily be said of most of these guru courses. If I was a newbie and my sole focus was rehabbing, then it might be worthwhile to buy Robyn’s course. The good thing about many of these courses is that they cover the topic in a step by step fashion and have all the paperwork that you need to be successful.

Having said that, I do not condone all the upselling. Everyone knows that there are no “secrets” in this real estate business. If the guru charged the student hundreds or thousands of dollars for a course and seminar and didn’t give them the information to be successful - then SHAME ON THEM!!!

There is one particluar guru that I am impressed with: Vena Jones-Cox. I’ve seen her advertisement sometimes at the top of this website. What I like about her is not that she presents any real estate “secrets” or any of that nonsense. What I do like is that she tells the truth about real world expenses. She does not sugar coat the facts. I respect that!