Robyn Thompson or others?

I’m interested in getting some of Robyn Thompson’s books and dvd’s. I have seen them for sale used on EBay all the time at great prices compared to buying them new. Has anyone purchased any her products? If so what would you recommend me getting or staying away from? What other good authors and their books/dvd’s would you guy’s recommend?

The Queen of Rehab Robyn Thompson. I have a friend that started by using that system. She is now flipping over 100 properties a year and making a ton of money. She recently wrote her own system. If you are going to buy one I would definitely buy it off ebay so you can get it cheaper.

My wife keeps telling me to write a real estate program. I tell her it is like stealing. This stuff is so easy even a caveman can do it. I tell her it is only teaching people how to look at 2 numbers one that goes into your pocket and one that goes out of your pocket. Make sure the one that goes into your pocket is the larger one.

Real estate has been the same since 1776. There is nothing new here. The only difference is if I make people enjoy my pitch or if I can sell them a dream that they can see themselves in with all this money they are going to make. If a person sees himself on a yacht then the sales pitch is different from a guy that sees himself talking care of his grandkids with the money. That is why less than 10% of the people that take these courses ever buy even 1 investment property. Instead of learning how to do what has always been there, they spend a bunch of money to listen to a dream. By the way, I am an on the yacht kind of guy myself.