Robert Kiyosaki's Cash Flow 101

Has anyone ever played Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow 101 game? To be honest, I don’t know anything about it, but there’s a local club that get together weekly and plays.

If nothing else, it’s probably a decent networking opportunity, but I’m wondering if anyone thinks playing the game itself is a worthwhile experience.

If you have not been exposed to Assets/Liabilities and how they differ from Income/Expenses then it is a good game to start thinking in that capacity. You can also learn some of the terminology used like NOI, FMV, etc. There is a software version and a board version of the game. I imagine the club you are talking about plays the board version. The software version is good for playing alone, but it has limitations. The board game is a little better in that you can create additional opportunity cards, idenitities, doodads, etc. - which you cannot do in the software version. What you may find is different clubs have different rules in how the game is played, too. But all-n-all it is a worthwhile thing to do - especially when starting out. Like you said, if nothing else you get to meet other lilke-minded people.

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I liked playing it. I learned that I am a high risk taker. 101 is much better than 201. I found that 201 was easier to play because of all the hedging you can do. I like to just roll with the punches. I won relatively few times because I took some pretty big gambles. Like real life, high risk= high rewards. Unfortunately, I usually lose.

good game…Not worth the price!!

Well I think it is a great game. I regularly get together with people to play it. I always am learning something from the game. A new creative way to do something, borrow money, etc. It is interesting.

As to the cost of the game, think of it as an ongoing seminar/bootcamp in that case, you will see how cheap it is. I think Robert K inflated the price so only those people serious about learning would buy it.

So I stopped by the local Cash Flow 101 game last night and was kind of fun - It helps reinforce the “big picture” steps you need to take to really build wealth in life.

Definitely a fun time, but it seemed like only a couple of people there actually invested in real estate.

Unfortunately, the REI club I’ve joined only meets once a month - and I’m out of town on business for the next meeting. I’ve definitely got to find additional ways to meet experienced investors.

When I first started playing, a group of us(6) that had done no real estate deals and had very little experience in business, began playing about once a week. It was through one of the community forums that are mentioned. After abou six months, the frequency games that the six of us went to started to decline, but others were playing.

One year later, the original six of us that stared that paricular game got back together for a reunion game. Three of us no longer had jobs(doing real estate deals), and two others were doing regular deals.

I think that is a fairly good indication (among other things) of how the game made a difference for at least a few of us. I guess it all depends on how you take what you getout of playing.


I get together with people from my real estate club to play the game at least once a month.

The game does a great job of teaching you how to look at deals from an R.O.I. (return on investment) perspective.

What I have found is that many people that play the game will feel better about overcoming their fear in real world deals.


If you do decide to buy the game try ebay before going the new game route.

I bought mine on Ebay with the intention of playing it a while and then just putting it back on ebay and getting my money back. I still have it, and will keep it to help teach my kids some of the lessons as they get older. Most people spend more much more money on their tv bills for a year than they will on the game, and how much does that benefit you?


When I played, the games were brought by a couple of the regular players (they had 2 games going). When I found out about the game, the ad said that they charge $5 to play, but no one ever collected any money (although I would have gladly paid had they asked).

It still looks to be fairly expensive on Ebay - I don’t think I would buy it unless I thought I might get some games going outside the group.