Robert Allen Seminar - Any advice?

I am going to a Robert Allen Seminar tonight. Anyone ever been to one? Just wondering what to expect.


I just attended his 3 day seminar in DC. What should you expect to hear? Well, you should expect to hear info on how to purchase real estate with little or no money down, info on internet marketing, info about the stock market, and oh yeah, about a half of days worth of why you should spend more money on their more expensive programs in order to succeed. My advice is that if you are going to the 3 day course (Cracking the Millionaire Course) and on the last day they say that if you last name begins with X, do not get up and leave the room when your last name letter is called. All they are going to do is try to sell you on something more expensive and what makes it worse is that you miss all the info that is actually being taught at the time. I watched these poor people leave a pretty good lecture on asset protection and then come back and have no idea what we were talking about.
Additionally, if it is the 3 day course, on the first day they are going to give you homework. The homework is to call your credit card company and ask them to raise your limit. They tell you to do this so that you can make a large purchase. I believe they actually tell you this so you have no excuse of cannot afford their higher priced seminars. Just my thoughts on that.

In my opinion, the info was good if you have very little knowledge of these subjects, but if you do, you will feel cheated.

Let me know what you think after the course.