Robert Allen Program

Hi, I was wondering, has anyone used the Robert Allen Program? If so, have you had any success? They are coming to an area near me.


Yes I would spend the money and the time going to his class
I went recently and i have sinced closed on a property @275k rehab price is going to be $500k and the only money down is just the 1k contract deposit and 400 usd appraiser fee
both of which i will get back at closing…actually getting back 7k

However reasons for going vary…heres a few

  1. IF you have no idea how to get started in real estate or how deals are put together
  2. If you are looking to network with others in the numerous feilds of r.e.
  3. They have a resource manual that is very useful…hardmoney lenders/wholesalers
  4. You get a r.e. forms disk with over 60 forms to do your own deals
  5. If you dont get it the first time…you have a full year to attend as many as you want for free

I mainly went for the resource manual and to network as i have made my money on assigments most recently…
Our instructor owns a hard money company and he is funding my current project
The guy i sat next to is a general contractor and thru talking to him 3 days of class
he is now involved in my deal for 50% and charging me nothing upfront for the rehab

Our next project starting monday morning is a quick flip of a 1,000,000.00 home that although i could make the deal i would have no idead on costs of rehab,making my networking invaluable.we should sell this home for near 2mil

you also have a network advisory line to call with any questions 24/7

if you luck up and get dennis dinolia and mike ? they were very clear and would answer all your questions during breaks and after class as well…

Hope this helped…id certainly go again!!



Thank you so much for all of your information. You were so specific. I will call and see. I wish you continued success. :smiley: