~~Ring, Ring~~

With everyone so busy busy busy making deals & networking these days I’m wondering whats the best phone plan to use

Do you use strictly cellphones? Or do you still have your landlines or both?

Which carrier has the best calling plan? Sprint? Verizon?
Which carrier sucks? Anyone out there using pre-paid phones?
If so, who’s the best?

Please share your cellphone experiences as it pertains to THE BUSY INVESTOR! :elephant:

Nextel is expensive, I have heard the Sprint sucks. I have had Nextel, T-mobile, and Alltel. T-mobile has been the best for me. As far as landlines, I believe that most carriers have unlimited long distance and local for 49 or 59 dollars a month. You cant beat that. I have digital telphone service now through Time Warner.

Are there any local unlimited services in your area, something like Metro-PCS. My service is unlimited and we all know how much we use the phone. The plan gives me unlimited are time, and unlimited long distance calls. All I have to pay is about $55 monthly. The catch is that I can only use it while in the local tri-County area. If I go outside the three counties I can’t even get service. But I hardly travel, and when I do, the last thing I want to hear is the phone ringing, but then I also have another phone that has national service.
Maybe there is a service like this in your area.
Good Luck

They are all about the same here! with our mountains and stuff none of them work 100% of the time! So I went with sprint un-limited minutes local and long distance free roaming and only 74.00 a month! Now the question of service and everything else I wont tell you how I really feel but on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being great I would give them a 1… Dont like Sprint love my plan go figure!

Wow Sprint is looking like this right now :ibs:
LOL I have to agree with you though, I have Sprint myself ::slight_smile:

Not sure WHAT I was thinking :-\ I would love to change my calling plan but in order to do that I have to sign up for another year of service! :o

Not sure I want to do that either :-\

I’m hoping that some of the comments will inspire me somehow ;D