A couple of days ago I posted a message crying for help in an investment. I got one response. After rereading my message I understood why. The outcome will probably be the same of this message. What I’m trying to say is, to the others who are in my situation there’s always hope. Never, never give up. I couldn’t find a single person to trust in me. Why should they bad credit, no thing to let them hold, and a good deal. That didn’t slow me down, I’m the type of person who learns on site. In my heart and mind I feel that the offer I’m presenting this lender is sure money, though that doesn’t mean they will that way. I’ve got a chance, yes a chance to argue my case against there’s. What more can I ask for. If anybody has every gone through similiar situations your comments we be greatful. To the people who have jumped on this ship, let me say NEVER GIVE UP AND ALWAYS HAVE FAITH. The ride is tough so prepare yourself for the worst. It’s all mental. Knowing I’m gonna make it. 8)

Howdy Upchurch334:

I was in your shoes when I tried to build our house. See my success story “We Had To Build This House” on this web site. One lender I went round and round with and went to several meetings with and they prepared a beautiful color brochure taking about a month total and was told it was for sure a deal only to be turned down because the street did not have curbs and gutters. It took over a year to get started back again after I started the first time. I too never gave up but just kept on knowing it would happen.

You can do it too.